Fenella Peacock

Fenella Peacock is an artisan brand with a strong emphasis on everyday, relaxed luxury. On trend, but not adhering to here-today gone-tomorrow fashion, Fenella creates feminine designs with a quirk and confidence. She develops key seasonal collections that can move between summer and winter; and builds colour palettes in a tonal range that move between collections. A signature is her expression of playfulness through her love of fabrics and artisan techniques, resulting in pieces that can be worn myriad ways to express the individual. “People spend so much on what goes into their body, but they don’t think about what they put onto their body. Natural, unpolluted fibres, nurturing textures, clothing touched by skilled artisans who love their craft, pieces that invite you to touch and items that will last... I feel this is necessary and important in our world today,” she says.


Anna Flanders
t +61 (08) 9418 8863


15 Glyde Street
Mosman Park
Western Australia
t +61 (08) 9284 6009